Change with the climate

I filmed and edited this 40 minute environmental documentary in Uganda, for UK based NGO Purple Field Productions. If you are interested in learning how to grow bamboo, the best way to keep bees in a forest, or how to make your own organic pesticide out of wee and chilli, then your in for a treat! Be warned though, the film is aimed at local rural audiences and is entirely in the Ungandan/Rwandan language Kinyarwanda – though there are subtitles. Editing a film in a language you don’t speak was an interesting, challenging experience – I had to spend hours transcribing rushes with a translator, cut using the transcripts and then get a second translator to check it all made sense. I picked up the odd word in the process.

Mark Rimmer and I shot the whole film on Canon DSLRs, a 5dMkii and a 550d. I did the edit in Rwanda and we got to show the completed film to a test audience of Ugandan farmers. Now its doing the rounds in the African countryside, where the distribution strategy involves a pedal powered mobile cinema.